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Manuscript Evaluation

Does your fiction manuscript hit your readers' expectations?

Is your plot sound and entertaining?

Do you have likable fictional characters?


A manuscript evaluation answers these questions and much more. It's an assessment of what is working in your story and what could be improved from big-picture elements of storytelling to writing craft.

Manuscript evaluations are the first step in the editing process. 


  • Structure

  • Plot

  • Readability

  • Characters and arcs

  • Creative delivery of your intended message

  • Believability of the fictional world

  • Pacing

  • Scene construction


I'll read your novel and write an evaluation based on genre-specific principles, reader experience, and reader enjoyment.

What you get

Editorial Letter

You receive an editorial letter about what works well and what could be improved in your novel.

Post Edit Call

After you review the letter, we have a chat about your thoughts and discuss your revision plan.

Manuscript Evaluation $1,600 for 50,000 words

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