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"Kristin is a model editor whose dedication to the craft of creative narrative is evident in each piece she completes for her clients."

- Clay Vermulm


It's your story, your message, your voice.

I help you shape it, buff it, and polish it, so you can publish your novel with confidence. 

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Developmental Edit

Structural problems dragging down your novel?


Want a deep-dive analysis of plot, scenes, characters, themes, and more?


Developmental looks at the big picture.



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Line Edit

Concerned about the flow of your novel or the effectiveness of language used?


Line edits dig into a novel to assess pace and flow, enhance sentence variation and structure, and improve language for clarity.

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Copy Edit

Worried grammatical errors have buried your message? Want help with word choice?


Copy edits skim the surface of a novel and involve limited changes, such as grammar, word use, and syntax.

Need more than one? Scroll down for package deals!

Manuscript Evaluation

Worried your novel isn't ready to publish because something feels off? Need peace of mind?


Manuscript critique provides a high-level overview of your complete novel, providing you with valuable editorial feedback before you publish.


I'll read your novel cover to cover, determine what's working and what could use improvement, and provide you with a detailed assessment letter.


Have specific questions about your novel? Send them to me! I'll address them during the critique. 


Manuscript Evaluation: $800 for up to 50,000 words

Package Deals

Worried your novel needs a few services? Not sure where to start?


Package deals save you money through multiple-service discounts and save you time looking for editing professionals. Pricing is for one round of each specified service for a novel of up to 50,000 words.


The Line Package

Save $500 when you combine line and copy edits.


The Developmental Package 

Save $500 when you combine developmental and line edits.


The Everything Package

Best Value

Save $1,000 when you combine developmental, line, and copy edits.

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