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"Kristin is a model editor whose dedication to the craft of creative narrative is evident in each piece she completes for her clients."

- Clay Vermulm

Speculative and Crime Fiction Editing

It's your story. I help you shape it, buff it, and polish it, so you can publish your fiction novel with confidence. 

Kristin Noland Crime Fiction Editor

Developmental Edit

You have a great fiction story, but something isn't quite right? With a deep-dive analysis of plot, scenes, characters, themes, and more, we identify and solve these problems.

Line Edit

The big storytelling elements of your manuscript are awesome, but you wonder about the strength of the narrative? We dig into your fiction novel for pace and flow, enhancing sentence variation and structure, and improving clarity.

Kristin Noland Speculative Fiction Editor
Kristin Noland Speculative Fiction Editor

Copy Edit

Worried grammatical errors have buried your message? Want help with word choice? We tackle real grammatical errors, word use, and syntax, rather than stylistic choices in your manuscript.

Manuscript Evaluation

You've finished your fiction novel. Edited a few times. But you are wondering how to improve your story more to hit and surpass reader expectations. ​


A manuscript evaluation provides a high-level overview of your novel with valuable editorial feedback before you publish. 

Kristin Noland - Crime Fiction Editor
Kristin Noland Speculative Fiction Editor

Book Coaching

Struggling to finish the first draft of your fiction novel? Need to add subplots? Develop well-rounded characters?

Book coaching is for you. 

Schedule a consultation with me to discuss your needs and find out how I can help you.


Most fiction manuscripts need more than one level of editing.

I offer packages tailored to your needs.

Multiple passes improve the quality of your fiction novel and enhance reader enjoyment!

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