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Developmental Editing

Big picture editing. Does your book work? I look for plot holes, successful character arcs, character and setting descriptions...  $0.04/word

Line Editing

Sentence by sentence edit for flow, style, transitions, grammar, and consistency. Some re-writing of sentences and paragraphs... $0.045/word

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Punctuation, capitalization, grammar, some re-writing of sentences for structure... $0.025/word)

Editing a short story is different than editing novels, so what I do with short stories is a combination of line and copy editing and charge $0.035 per word.

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Manuscript Evaluation

Manuscript Evaluations come right before querying agents and publishing houses.  Getting a professional editor's perspective on your manuscript before you query can decrease the amount of rejections you receive. Let me read through it and give you my expert opinion before you submit. 
3-7 page detailed report with specific examples of what your doing well and what can be improved. 
Pricing available by request.


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