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Fiction Editing

Enhancing Your Story and Your Craft

"I love her edits. My book now reads like one I would buy at a bookstore."

- Daniel Guarente

Kristin empowers authors with the skills to achieve their dreams!

She'll tackle plot, pacing, worldbuilding, character development, all the way to word choice to ensure your novel resonates with your readers.

Kristin Noland - Wooden window
Kristin Noland Top Coach Award

Coach Foundation has recognized Kristin Noland's expertise as a writing coach by selecting her as a top coach.

Noland Editing - dystopian skyline


Tailored for you and your manuscript.

Structural problems dragging down your novel? Want a deep-dive analysis of plot, scenes, characters, themes, and more?

Concerned about the flow of your novel or the effectiveness of language used?

Worried grammatical errors have buried your message? Want help with word choice?

Find out how well your manuscript hits storytelling essentials!

I'll read your novel and write an evaluation based on genre-specific principles, reader experience, and reader enjoyment.

Need help with character motivation and development? Plot points or subplots? 

We'll brainstorm solutions during 8 one-hour sessions to get you to the finish line!

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