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Speculative and Crime Fiction Editing

Fantasy | Mystery | Thriller | Suspense | Dystopian | Futuristic Fiction

Great editing is a writer's best kept secret!

Kristin Noland  Speculative Fiction Editor

Hi! I'm Kristin Noland

I help emerging authors shape their stories

and get publishing ready!

"Your comments made me want to write again!"

Kristen Spiegel - Fantasy Author 

Have you reached the limits of your self-editing skills?

Do you need the expertise of a professional editor?

Are you ready to take the next step towards publishing?


Work with me, and you will have:

  • A fantastic story.

  • A high-quality book.

  • The confidence to publish your novel!

Kristin Noland - Crime Fiction Editor


Tailored for you and your fiction manuscript.

You have a great story, but something isn't quite right.


Developmental editing is a deep-dive analysis of plot, scenes, characters, themes, and more.


I will identify issues with these big-picture elements of storytelling and help you enhance your novel.

The big storytelling elements of your manuscript are awesome, but you wonder about the strength of the narrative.


We'll dig into your novel for pace and flow, enhance sentence variation and structure, and improve the clarity of your manuscript.

Find out how well your manuscript hits storytelling essentials!

I'll read your novel and write an evaluation based on genre-specific principles, reader experience, and reader enjoyment.

Need help with character motivation and development? Plot points or subplots? 

We'll brainstorm solutions in a one-hour session!

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