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Great editing is a writer's best-kept secret.
Let's tell your story.

Kristin Noland Crime Fiction Editor Speculative Fiction Editor
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"Your comments made me want to write again!"

Kristen Spiegel - Fantasy Author 

Hey there, I'm Kristin,
and I love a good story.

Kristin Noland Crime Fiction Editor Speculative Fiction Editor

So, you've reached the limits of self-editing? 

You've gone through your story more times than you can count, examined each page for errors, inconsistencies, and clarity, but something is still lacking, and you're not sure what that something may be.

Your story can become a high-quality book . . . with the right help. 

You've put so much time and energy into your writing that you've lost objectivity. You know what your characters want to say, how they feel, what they're doing, or thinking, or observing, but you're not sure readers will understand.


It's time to invest in your work and take the next step toward publishing.

I've got you. So, let's get to work.

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Work With Me

I would highly recommend Kristin. She did an outstanding job editing my work. I accepted almost all of her edits. She is also encouraging, which is a gift to any writer.

Alissa Joseph,

Fiction Author

I loved her suggestions for revision including adding additional information to one section.  Thanks to her suggestions, I was able to flesh out not only the story but the character as well. 

Melissa Mendelson, 

Speculative Fiction Author

I found her edits on-point and insightful. She has an excellent eye for both for big picture issues (point of view, voice, showing vs. telling) and sentence- and paragraph-level edits.

Heidi Brumbaugh,

Speculative Fiction Author

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