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Melissa Mendelson - Speculative Fiction Author

I submitted a draft version of the book to Kristin, who proceeded to go through the book very thoroughly and highlight all the areas that needed work.

I was very pleased with everything that Kristin pointed out.  I loved her suggestions for revision including adding additional information to one section.  

Story & Structural Development

Noland Editing Crime Fiction Editor Speculative Fiction Editor Fiction Ghostwriter

Structural problems dragging down your novel? Want a deep-dive analysis of plot, scenes, characters, themes, and more?

We'll focus on the big-picture elements of your novel through story and structural development, which may include:


  • Structure

  • Plot

  • Readability

  • Characters and arcs

  • Creative delivery of your intended message

  • Believability of the fictional world

  • Pacing

  • Scene construction

What you get

The Process

I read your manuscript. I read it again, making in-document comments and crafting the editorial letter.

Suggestions and In-document Comments

Using in-document comments, I guide you through revisions while explaining your options and how your decisions can affect your readers' experiences.

With your permission, I may move scenes and chapters around for better timeline flow or revealing clues and concepts. 

You may get advice on where to write new scenes, how to present and deliver backstory, and how to better structure your novel. 

Editorial Letter

You receive an editorial letter about what works well and what could be improved to shape your story and tighten and clarify your message.

The editorial letter will be at least ten pages, packed with advice and suggestions tailored to your manuscript.

If you have specific questions about something you are unsure about, they will be addressed in your editorial letter as well.

Post-Edit Call

After you review my comments and the letter, we have a chat about your thoughts and discuss your revision plan.

Noland Editing Speculative Fiction Editor Crime Fiction Editor

Invest in Story & Structural Development:
$7,000 for 70,000 words

Kristin Noland Speculative Fiction Ghostwriter Crime Fiction Ghostwriter
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