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Developmental Editing

Structural problems dragging down your novel? Want a deep-dive analysis of plot, scenes, characters, themes, and more?


Developmental edits focus on the big-picture elements of your novel.


  • Structure

  • Plot

  • Readability

  • Characters and arcs

  • Creative delivery of your intended message

  • Believability of the fictional world

  • Pacing

  • Scene construction

What you get

In-document Comments

Using in-document comments, I guide you through revisions while explaining your options and how your decisions can affect your readers' experiences.

Editorial Letter

You receive an editorial letter about what works well and what could be improved to tighten and clarify your story and message.

Post Edit Call

After you review my comments, the letter, and style sheet, we have a chat about your thoughts and discuss your revision plan.

Developmental Edit $3,000 for 50,000 words

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