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Kristin Noland crime fiction editor speculative fiction editor

I love her edits. My book now reads like one I would buy at a bookstore.

Daniel Guarente Kristin Noland Fiction Editor

Daniel Guarente, Corporate Speculative Fiction Author

I was very pleased with everything that Kristin pointed out.  I loved her suggestions for revision including adding additional information to one section.  Thanks to her suggestions, I was able to flesh out not only the story but the character as well. 


I am very pleased with Kristin’s editorial performance, and I plan to utilize her services for another book project.

Name's Keeper Front Cover

Melissa R. Mendelson,

Speculative Fiction Author

Your comments made me want to write again!

Kristen Speigel,

Fantasy Author

Kristin Noland recently edited my short story collection, Tales from the Hygiene Center. I found her edits on-point and insightful. She has an excellent eye for both for big picture issues (point of view, voice, showing vs. telling) and sentence- and paragraph-level edits.


In a short story, every word and sentence needs to pack the right punch, and she definitely made my stories get their points across more economically.


Furthermore, although I didn’t hire Kristin specifically as a sensitivity editor, she identified a few places I inadvertently may have caused offense to some readers, which I greatly appreciated. I highly recommend her services!

Tales from the Hygiene Center  Front Cover

Heidi Brumbaugh,

Speculative Fiction Author

Kristin is a pleasure to work with. She's prompt, has excellent communication, and catches the little things many editors look over. I would highly recommend using her services!

Adina Edelman Kristin Noland

Adina Edleman, Author/Editor

I highly recommend Kristin Noland and Noland Editing. She is prompt, professional, and pleasant to work with, regardless of how much excessive alliterations I place in my prose.


Kristin is a model editor whose dedication to the craft of creative narrative is evident in each piece she completes for her clients.


She works extremely hard to give each and every story the attention it needs and deserves.


If you are looking for an understanding and empathetic editor who will help you polish your story to publishing quality, look no further than Noland Editing.

Crevasse by Cley Vermulm

Clay Vermulm,

Mythology, Horror Author

Kristin's editing is fantastic! She is very easy to work with and understanding as well. I will hire her for my next book.

King's Imitation Front Cover

Erin Grunke, Fantasy Author

I look forward to Kristin's feedback as it is always helpful. Her high degree of precision is a clearly desirable trait for an editor.


However, her skills go far beyond simple corrective recommendations. Her ability to comprehend the nature of the work and make suggestions to improve the flow of the document without losing the original voice is highly impressive.


She will be a wonderful resource for anyone who hires her.

Lost Souls Front Cover

Shawn Keys, Fantasy/Thriller Author

I would highly recommend Kristin. She did an outstanding job editing my work. I accepted almost all of her edits. She made my work better than it was. She is also encouraging which is a gift to any writer.

Alissa Joseph, Fiction Author

Kristin's notes on my manuscript were very helpful, and I feel my book turned out better because of them. She is a pleasure to work with!

Seer Among Shifters Front Cover

Lola Glass,

Speculative Fiction Author

Kristin was great to work with as an editor. She’s good with timelines and very thorough. I am happy with her work and would recommend her.

Morgan Jago, Nonfiction Author

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