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Your Hero Learns Their Lesson

You are almost done! We are ready to enter act three. The first plot point in act three is your hero finally figures out what they need and decide to go after it. They finally realize they need to fix their flaw. In a standalone novel they will need to fix the major flaw. In a series, only one of their flaws, but not the major one.

Let’s go back to my dog example. The one where he thought his human family treated him poorly. While living on the street, your hero has been at his lowest he’s gotten into a fight with his new friends and his new enemies. He’s been licking his wounds and thinking about the warm house and the family he left behind. Entering act three, he figures out he needs to change the way he thinks about them, not the way they think about him. He realizes how good he had it, and that he needs to return home a new and changed dog.

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