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What POV Should I Use?

There are three factors to consider: story, genre, and target audience.

The POV you choose should always fit your story.

If you think it makes the most sense in third person, write it in third person. While this is the most common POV as of right now, it doesn’t work for all novels. Sometimes, first person is better.

First person is easiest and makes the most sense when your story follows one person from beginning to end. Third person narrative is better for multiple person perspectives.

So, if you plan on splitting your characters up at some point in the novel, consider third person. If your story is centered around one, consider first person POV.

What is the most popular POV for each genre?

For this you will need to do some research as there are so many genres out there, I can’t possibly list them all. 😊

However, the most widely accepted/expected are listed here.

Epic Fantasy—third-person omniscient and limited

Mystery and Thriller—third-person limited

Romance—first person and third-person limited

An easy way to see what works best within your genre is to look at what you have read. You've probably read a lot in the genre you are writing in, so take some cues from those novels.

Why consider my audience when choosing POV?

It’s simple; you want to meet your audience’s expectations.

Young adults tend to enjoy reading first person, as it brings the reader closest to the character. Although third person can be more distant for the reader, adults seem to like it best, because it gives them the impression of being close to the MC without all the issues that arise with the use of ‘I’ in the first-person narratives.

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