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What is #PitMad?

#PitMad is a twitter pitch event, where authors pitch their unpublished manuscripts with tweets. Agents and acquiring editors read the tweets, and if they like your pitch, it is a request for you to submit your work to them.

Once your tweet is liked, research those who like your pitch to be sure they are the right agent/editor for your novel. They should have tweeted their requirements for submissions and where to submit in a tweet of their own.

Should I pitch during #PitMad?

Absolutely participate in #PitMad. Many authors have received contracts and been published through this exciting event.

What are the #PitMad rules?

Only unpublished manuscripts can be pitched. For fiction and memoirs, they must be complete and polished. A polished proposal is required for non-fiction.

You have three tweets per manuscript during the 8am-8pm timeframe. Which means, if you have multiple manuscripts, you can tweet three times each. I suggest waiting a few hours between pitches. Retweeting others’ pitches is allowed.

While you don’t have to include the title of your MS, it is wise to do so, especially if you have multiple books to pitch. #PitMad must be included and any sub #s. See https://pitchwars.org/pitmad/ for the full sub # list. Examples are #YA (young adult), #F (fantasy), #PNR (paranormal romance), #MEM (memoir), #T (thriller).

Agents and editors will be filtering their searches through these sub #s, so be sure you include them.

What should I include in my pitch?

First the title, then a quick overview of plot, character arc, and what makes your MS fresh and exciting. You have 280 characters to hook them; use them wisely.


Pitch one:

NewWaveGroove is a #YA #F. On Sarah’s 18birthday, her water power surfaces, thrusting her into a world of magic. To control her power, wild Sarah must be at peace with her past. Damien-19-a fire master takes her to the Island where things get hot. Will she survive her new powers, friends, and Damien while battling real demons? #PitMad

Pitch two:

NewWaveGroove is a #YA #F. Troubled Sarah-18-and the other Specials must stop demons from taking over their world. Sarah has her own demons to conquer before she can help the others with her new water power. Will Fire master Damien break through her wall in time? #PitMad

Pitch three:

NewWaveGroove is a #YA #F. Antisocial, newly powered Sarah must learn to work with the other Specials to win over powerful demons. Fire master Damien is her only friend on the Island. Making friends isn’t the only skill needs, she must also come to peace with her past while honing her water power. Can she do it all in 3 months? #PitMad,

Not every aspect needs to be included in each tweet. Notice the large conflict, character arc, personal issues are stated, as well as the last one giving the ticking time clock aspect.

Does #PitMad work?

Many authors have received publishing contracts from pitching during this event.

Are real editors and agents reading my #pitmad posts?

Professional agents and editors are active during the 12 hour event. Keep in mind there are tons of pitches they will be reading, so don’t worry if you don’t get a like within a few minutes; it may take hours.

I encourage you to participate and enjoy the event. Retweets of other authors’ pitches are encouraged.

Have fun!

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