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The Lowest of the Low

So, you’ve reached the point where you can’t hold back on how low your hero sinks. After the midpoint and after your hero’s problems resurface, you need to break your hero. It is a hard thing to do, but this is the moment before their big resurgence, their huge victory. Making your hero hit rock bottom gives them the chance to rise from the ashes. Too many clichés? I’m ok with it for this post.

Your hero needs to feel like they have lost everything, and if you want them to, they can. Friends, family, the Earth as they knew it can all be taken away. They need to feel completely defeated, lost, in pain.

Don’t hold back on destroying your hero. They may not deserve it, but they need it. Think about the worst time in your life. How did you change from that experience? You are a stronger person, right? That is why your hero needs to feel the same. To be stronger. To be better.

Let’s say your hero has been dealing with a horrible job with a terrible boss. Everyone who works there is miserable. Your hero has tried everything to make the job better for themselves and their coworkers. Everyone is so fed up with it, half of the employees, inspired and led by your hero, quit to start a new company of their own.

Even with all of their experience and the resources they thought they could use to create a successful company. It all fails. Everyone that quit to follow your hero is broke, scared, their families are after them to get a ‘real’ job. Your hero has remortgaged their home, sold their car, sold their furniture, precious heirlooms… everything. Their credit cards are maxed out. They’ve borrowed from family members. Maybe their house has been repossessed because they couldn’t keep up with the payments and they are sleeping in a storage facility with no heat, no bathroom… I think you get the picture. Strip everything away from them so they must reassess their choices.

Next up. Is the bigger debate.

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