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The Gathering

Beginning of Act 2

The gathering is where your hero rounds up the troops and prepares for battle!

Your hero can cross into the second act with or without backup. If your story is structured so they go it alone, they should be assembling a new group in their new world.

For the best effect, the world to which they travel should be opposite of their original world. Even if it isn’t exactly opposite, it should differ enough for the hero to be at least somewhat lost.

Why would you want your hero to be lost?

So, they can meet their helper who will show them how this new world works, explain the rules, and inform them on its faults. This helper character can also invite them into their group of friends, which will in time become your hero’s friends and fellow gladiators.

Let’s say your hero is a male dog who thinks its human family treats him poorly. One day, he escapes by running through the front door and away from his home. Now, he must live on the street. Obviously, your hero has no idea how to survive on the street, but it is daylight and he has no problem wandering aimlessly, enjoying his newfound freedom.

Then it turns dark, a storm comes in, and he is soaked to the bone. He finds himself in a seedy part of town—his new world—a world he never knew existed and doesn’t understand. How will he ever survive?

Along comes a female dog—the helper—who has lived on the streets for a few years. She knows the rules, where all the best hiding places are, where to get the best food, and who to trust—other animals and humans alike.

She introduces him to her canine friends, most of which embrace your hero as a new member of their group. (It makes for a better story if there is at least one of the group to dislike your hero.) His female friend, or all of his newly gathered friends, teaches him to survive street-dog style. He learns the good, the bad, and the disgusting.

How your hero learns, what they learn, how terrible you make their circumstances in order for them to learn, becomes the rollercoaster of the novel. The action, the big drama, the huge highs and lows.

Are you ready?

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