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The Flaws Are Here Again

After you battle through the middle of your novel, the next section is where your hero’s flaws reappear and cause issues with their lives and their journey.

Yep, they haven't grown enough to rid themselves of the trauma or desire from the beginning of your novel. Your hero hasn’t yet learned their lesson and the same flaws or issues they haven’t dealt with cause them problems in their new world.

Let’s say your hero has been bullied at school, and being the youngest sibling, she gets bullied at home as well. You have created a great midpoint victory for them by having them stand up to one of her older brothers. The older brother has backed off and your hero thinks they can tackle the bully at school. However, what you really created was a misleading victory for your main character. Sure, they won one battle against the brother that is only one year older and that gives her confidence to stand up for herself in school. Here is where the flaws rear their heads again and her old trauma breaches the surface.

She confronts her bully, but the bully shows up after school with of their friends, and they all tease your hero. Maybe they shove her around or kick dirt in her face. This triggers her memory of a time when her eldest brother kicked dirt in her face a few years ago, and she ran away and cried. At this point in the story, she can’t overcome her fear yet. She takes the punishment dolled out by the bully while she is thinking back to how she felt embarrassed and got her feelings hurt by her mean brother.

Your hero hasn’t yet completed her character arc to deal with her issues correctly and overcome them to beat the bully at her game. She only thought she had.

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