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The Battle of Midway – Upping the Ante

The middle of your book or story can be the most difficult to write, and it can be a battle for any author. Midway through your novel there are three things that should happen. First, your hero should have a victory or defeat that leads to you upping the ante, big time. Increasing the risk is the second part of this plot point. Make it dramatic and exciting. Let your hero shine for a moment or have them be at the absolute lowest point in their lives. Which brings me to the third thing that should happen. Your A plot finally intersects with your B plot. Somehow the B plot must affect the A plot and vice versa.

Let’s say your hero has been alone out in the desert searching for food and water after what they think was the end of the world. After the many hardships you have put them through, they find an oasis. There are small animals that live there for food, and the water is refreshing. They have everything they need, right? Wrong. They don’t have everything they need. What they needed at the beginning of your story was to appreciate others. They have yet to do so.

Maybe they find a man-made shelter, where in it is the diary of the person who built it. Upon reading the diary, they begin to care for and appreciate the person who wrote it. In the diary, they find out why the person left and where they went. Obviously, your hero wants to meet their hero who traveled the same journey they did to get to the oasis. And obviously, it is a long way away, but your hero must find them to show their hero their appreciation.

Okay, so it isn’t the best example, but I hope you get the point.

The battle of midway is yours. You must battle through this difficult plot point to create a seamless transition to the next point where things get better for your hero, sort of.

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