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Marketing: Start Small, Get Big

First off is when to start. Begin marketing your book six months prior to the release.

Your goal is to spark interest in you and your book.

Website and Social Media

You want to create a website if you don't have one. Blog about you and your writing journey.

Post on social media about your creation a few times a week at different times using different hashtags.

Be sure to target readers as well as other writers.


Use your personal contacts. Most of your friends and family will be happy to spread the word.

Move on to close author and writing connections you’ve made while you have been writing.


Podcasts are a great way to market your book. Try to get on a few author or publishing related ones. It doesn’t matter if your book is still in the editing phase or the passages you read don’t make it to the final publication. Generating interest is your goal.

Radio interviews

Try talking to your local radio stations. See if you can get a short segment or plug for your book. You may have to pay for a plug, so an interview is really your goal here, because minutes is better than a two or three second plug.

Book fairs

Look into attending book fairs. Start local and expand, but make sure they are close to or after your scheduled release date. You want to sell and sign your books at your table.

Three months to publish—Circle back

Reach out to your connections again and ask them to post about your book. This time, make your request specific and go further into your network.

Try preparing posts for them to make it easier on them. Ask about guest blogging and have something already prepared to publish. Include things about your writing journey and a short excerpt.

Get reviews

When you have access to advanced review copies, start asking for reviews.

They can be difficult to obtain, but you will need them.

  • Use your friends and close connections to get the ball rolling.

  • Go to places like The Independent Book Review https://independentbookreview.com or Kirkus reviews https://www.kirkusreviews.com. Goodreads, Book Riot, and Bookish are some other places to look into.

  • Target local book clubs.

  • See if your local newspaper has a book reviewer or someone in the arts and entertainment is willing to review your book and write about it.


Ask influencers to endorse or review your book. This will be the hardest thing to achieve.

First, make sure you contact ones that are interested in your genre.

Send them a few chapters and brief write-up examples of reviews and endorsements, so they don’t have to take the time and start from scratch. The easier you make it for them, the more likely they will do what you ask.

Of course, always offer to send the whole book.

Paid ads

If you can, pay for advertising. This can get expensive quickly, so make sure you set limits, unless you have set aside a fund for this.

Circle back

Go through these steps again. Keep asking for more promotions, reviews, & publicity opportunities.

Once the book is published, repeat again and ramp it up!

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