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Debating the Choice

Whatever the inciting incident you choose, your hero should question if they should act or stay complacent. Hide or run? Fight or flight? Give your hero at least two options they can contemplate.

If your hero gets news that they have cancer, then have them debate over treatments, either what kind or if they will take it at all. You can give them time to contemplate treatment or no treatment first. Then once they decide, let’s say treatment, they can take time to research their options and then decide again.

They must decide to act; otherwise you won’t have a story.

In the above case, they can decide not to have treatment and then go on a trip to visit the people they want to make amends with.

If it is a werewolf story and your hero’s parents are killed by a specific werewolf pack, try having them debate about whether they run away, hunt them down, or join a different pack to get revenge.

The story is yours. The choice is ultimately yours.

Have fun writing!

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