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So, your hero has decided to act. They decided to change their lives or their world. This decision leads to your hero’s journey, and it is the beginning of Act 2.

Act 2 is where the bulk of your story takes place. The rollercoaster of action begins! However, your hero’s decision is based on their wants, not their needs.

Let’s say they have been in love with someone from afar, and they have done nothing but pine over them for the first act. The incident that leads to their decision to act is another person entering their love’s life. Maybe a bad person starts dating their love interest. Is your hero going to sit back and let the love of their life fall for this terrible person, or are they going to do something about it? Of course, they are going to choose to do something, or your story wouldn’t be much of a story.

What are they going to try first? Maybe they decide to seek out their love interest’s best friend and tell them how bad the person is who is now dating their friend. The friend believes your hero or doesn’t—your choice. But either way, this leads to the next difficult choice and decision on how to break the new couple up, and the rollercoaster begins.

What course of action does your hero decide to try?

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