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How do I Worldbuild

Worldbuilding can be daunting, but if you break things down by answering a set of questions, it becomes easier.

Worldbuilding basics

Start with the name of your world. Is it Earth, Earth-like, or a planet in a different solar system? Then move on to simply listing the inhabitants. Witches/Warlocks, Humans, Soothsayers, or others.

Once you have them listed, answer these questions. What do they look like? What do they believe? Who they get along with? Who don’t they get along with? Where do they live in your world?

Describing the physical world

Where your characters live on your planet effects how they live.

If they live in the mountains, their ability to travel at certain times may be limited. This may cause them to have to stock up on supplies.

If they live on a prairie or flat land, they may be able to see attackers coming from a distance, making their need for fortification less than those who live in the hills.

Worldbuilding with Magic

If your world has magic, you will need to decide what the limitations are on the types of magic that can be performed. Does everyone have access to magic? Is there a limited amount? Can those who use it for protection also use it for attacking or healing?

How do I keep my worldbuilding consistent?

Answering questions about your world is a great way to create a world that makes sense. And although it's possible while writing you will change some of your world building concepts, having a document or using a program like Campfire Pro or Blaze helps keep your world consistent. You can always change your document to fit new ideas that reveal themselves to you but having a reference source is a good idea. It is also helpful if you are writing a series so you can be sure you aren’t breaking the rules you set in book one.

I have created a document with a list of questions to help spark your worldbuilding adventure.

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