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5 Tips for Writing Speculative Fiction

Speculative fiction is a complex and varied genre, so here are a few tips to create an engaging story.

1. Chose at least one societal issue you want to address

These issues should be current, so your story will resonate with today’s readers. Even if you are writing something that takes place in the 1700s or on a different planet, the key is to keep the issue relevant to our society.

2. Create characters who this issue will affect

Most of your characters should be affected by the problem. Environmental issues can affect an entire planet or just part of it. Governmental issues can affect one country or a few countries, but not necessarily all.

3. Chose which characters will see their society as a utopia and those who see it as a dystopia

At minimum, there are two sides to every story. Some characters will believe a society where women have the power is fantastic, while others will feel it is the worst thing that could possibly be. This dynamic will create tension and move your plot with the struggle between opposing forces.

4. Research related historical issues and see where society went wrong and the new problems their solution created to inspire your worldbuilding

History tends to repeat itself in one way or another. Look for times in the past where the issue/issues you chose have come to the surface. There are many times in history and many countries where change has been fought for, but not enough progress has been made.

5. Make sure your story is plausible

Plausibility is another key to writing great speculative fiction. You can create your world however you want, but it needs to be believable. Rules must be established and a backstory to support how the situation came to be. Consider how powerful people or those who sequester others can easily manipulate or brainwash people into believing what many consider to be absurd.

These five tips will get you on your way to creating a great speculative fiction novel!

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