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Kristin Noland - Left to Our Own Devices.jpg

Shawn Keys - Amazon Best Selling Author

May 2022

Kristin Noland - Crevasse.jpg

Clay Vermulm - Traditionally Published Author

April 2022

Chasing Dreams Year 3.jpg
A Shattering Truth_edited_edited.jpg

A Shattering Truth

(The Shards of Rul Book 2)

Under a strange sun pix.jpg

Under a Strange Sun 

(World Walker Book 3)

King's Imitation cover.jpg
Lost Souls 1 pix.jpg

Shawn Keys - Author

June 2021

Amazon Best Seller

the golden sun cover.jpg

Robert Shafer - Author
May 2021
New Degree Press

Rough Edges NDP Sarah Marron.jpg

Sarah J. Marron - Author

April 2020

New Degree Press

Karyson Wallace - The loves of our lives.jpg

Karyson Wallace - Author

April 2021

New Degree Press

Whatever Comes pix_edited.jpg
Chasing Dreams book 2.jpg
Spirit of giving.jpg

Shawn Keys- Author

December 2020

Feast of the chosen pic.jpg

Shawn Keys - Author

November 2020

To the edge of creation pic.jpg
for the love of elves.jpg
A seer among shifters pix.jpg
staff of true magic pix.jpg

A Staff of True Magic

(Relic Diver Book 2)

cost of being special pic 4.jpg

The Cost of Being Special

(Survival of the Fittest Book 1)

finding real magic 1_edited.jpg

Shawn Keys - Author 

Updated April 2020


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