I highly recommend Kristin Noland and Noland Editing. She is prompt, professional, and pleasant to work with, regardless of how much excessive alliterations I place in my prose. Kristin is a model editor whose dedication to the craft of creative narrative is evident in each piece she completes for her clients. She works extremely hard to give each and every story the attention it needs and deserves and she does not sugarcoat things when hard truths must be told, but her criticism is never less than constructive and necessary. If you are looking for an understanding and empathetic editor who will help you polish your story to publishing quality, look no further than Noland Editing.

Clay Vermulm - Author


Kristin's edits are great! I look forward to her feeback as it is always helpful. She has an excellent turn-around time, and is incredibly supportive. She will be a wonderful resource for anyone who hires her.

Shawn Keys - Author

Flaming Sword

Kristin's editing is fantastic! She is very easy to work with and understanding as well. I will hire her for my next book.

Erin Grunke - Author


I would highly recommend Kristin. She did an outstanding job editing my work. I accepted almost all of her edits. She made my work better than it was. She is also encouraging which is a gift to any writer.
Alissa Paige Joseph - Author

Alissa Joseph - Author


Kristin's notes on my manuscript were very helpful, and I feel my book turned out better because of them. She is a pleasure to work with!

Lola Glass - Author


"Kristin was great to work with as an editor she’s good with timelines and very thorough. I am happy with her work and would recommend her."

Morgan Jago - Author


"Extremely professional and competent, I for sure will work with Kristin in the future."

Julian Dieder - Publisher


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