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Clay Vermulm, Mythology and Horror Author

"Kristin is prompt, professional, and pleasant to work with, a model editor whose dedication to the craft of creative narrative is evident in each piece she completes for her clients."
Kristin Noland Speculative Fiction Editor Crime Fiction Editor


Have a solid understanding of storytelling and what's all involved in writing a book, but feeling like your writing skills aren't quite up to the standard a published novel requires? Have you written a complete novel but want a partner to revise for storytelling elements and quality writing? Ghostwriting provides you with extra hands to do the heavy work.

You must have:

  • A solid understanding of storytelling, character arcs, conflict, and character motivations.

  • A detailed scene outline.

  • Detailed character profiles.

  • Samples of your writing.

  • Research for any real-life details included. (If you haven't done this yet, you must do so within a specified timeframe upon request. I do not research or fact-check.)

  • The ability to meet for up to one hour a month to discuss the progress or brainstorm to stay on the right path.

  • The ability to research and return information that I request within three days of my request.


You may also have:

  • A complete or almost complete draft so I can pull from what you've written and modify it as needed. 

  • Pictures of similar settings, people who remind you of your characters, and period clothing (if necessary), to help me visualize what's in your head.

What you get

Solid Draft

A well-written engaging story with a solid plot your readers will enjoy, well-rounded characters your readers will root for or against, the right amount of setting to keep your readers anchored in the scene. 

This draft will not be ready for publishing, but it will be ready for line or copyediting. 

Please scroll down to read about the process, you get much more than a draft. 

Style Sheet

A style sheet that details the characters, setting, word spellings and choices you selected.

Plot Outline

An updated outline of plot points that includes adjustments for new content.

If there are multiple timelines, a detailed outline of the two timelines will be provided.

The Process

First, we will meet and discuss

  • your ideas and vision for your book

  • your publishing goals

  • your ghostwriting needs

  • what material you have readily available

  • your desired word-count range

  • the timeframe you need the draft completed by

You will send me either examples of your fiction writing that's relevant to your desired manuscript or the first chapter of draft of the manuscript you want me to work from.

I will write a sample chapter and send it to you for you to review and give me feedback in written form or a video chat. 

Once we decide to work together, a contract will be sent for you to sign and an invoice for you to pay.


Then you will send me all the relevant material you have available.

I will read what you send me, and we will chat again about how to approach your novel. This may take multiple discussions while we brainstorm plot points, characters, and setting.

I will create a detailed outline for your approval. You will review the outline and let me know the adjustments you would like made.


I will contact you when I begin writing, so you know your book is underway. And throughout the process so you know how your book is progressing.

We will meet, when necessary, to brainstorm or you can schedule a chat to check in if you want, but no more than once a month.

Once I complete the first draft, I will send the manuscript to you. If you approve of the draft, I will send it to a trusted professional beta reader for external feedback. If you do not approve the draft, we will meet to discuss the changes you desire.

After we receive the beta-readers feedback, we will discuss their feedback and decide on a revision plan.

I will revise the draft according to your direction.

You will receive a second draft with the revisions we discussed during our meetings.

Kristin Noland Speculative Fiction Editor Crime Fiction Editor

Invest in Ghostwriting: 
starts at $50,000

Kristin Noland Speculative Fiction Editor Crime Fiction Editor
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