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Worried grammatical errors have buried your message? Want help with word choice?


Copy edits address true  grammatical errors, not stylistic choices, and involve limited changes.


  • restructuring of some sentences for variation and clarity

  • suggestions for stronger verb use and word choice

  • general grammar, mechanics, and syntax.

What you get

In-document Changes

I examine each sentence and word in your novel and provide you with a Tracked Changes copy of your manuscript for you to review.

Editorial Letter

You receive an editorial letter about what works well and what could be improved to tighten and clarify your story and message.

Style Sheet

You get a style sheet to keep track of your characters, places, cultures, magical items, etc., so you can be sure you are staying consistent during revisions.

Post Edit Call

After you review my comments, the letter, and style sheet, we have a chat about your thoughts on them and discuss your best approach to get your novel ready for publishing or querying.

Copyedit $2,500 for 50,000 words
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