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Why Choose Noland Editing?

Kristin is a professional freelance editor who works diligently with self-publishing and new authors as their partners, coaches, cheerleaders, and advocates. She also understands the publishing side as she works with independent publishers and hybrid publishers.

Her experience as in the publishing industry includes her roles as is an assistant editor for Literary Wanderlust, acquisitions editor at New Degree Press, and a manuscript evaluator for Greenleaf Book Group

With over twenty published novels edited by her, she is experienced in the craft of editing. 

She will collaborate with you to create relatable characters, solid world building, great dialog, fast-paced action scenes, excellent character arcs, and seamlessly work in setting descriptions, helping you to grow as a writer. 

Kristin is a truly honest person and will give you the honest feedback you need to finish your work of art.

She has a bachelor's in English and Literature from Southern New Hampshire University and a bachelor's degree in microbiology from Penn State University.

If you have read this far, you may also like to know, Kristin loves chocolate—in any form, and her little rescue dog can be found curled at her side while she works. 


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